Introducing the New Sir Series

In continuation of the Oliver Peoples Vintage Circa 1987 collection, we are pleased to introduce a new series: Sir O’Malley, Sir Finley, and Sir Kent. These timeless designs are inspired by our past and reinvented for the future, paying homage to their iconic status within the brand’s history.  Featured in a new custom palette of exclusive tortoiseshell colors, the aesthetic and inspiration of their first edition partners remain true.  Added are fine, bespoke details which elevate these styles to their proper status as nobility within the Oliver Peoples collection.

Oliver Peoples is proud to align with Miller’s Oath, a custom menswear brand based in New York.  Founded in 1906 by six brothers, Miller’s Oath began as a trading post and quickly grew as an institution lauded for hand – tailoring and bespoke accessories.  While Oliver Peoples Founder and Creative Director Larry Leight’s roots are in Los Angeles, and Derrick and Kirk Miller are from the East Coast, the founders’ values and discerning customer are precisely in line.  Both cater to a customer who carries a distinct confidence, valuing immaculate quality without a focus on logos, but with a discerning taste for impeccable, discreetly branded style.

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