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Never A Trend, Always In Style

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De camino al aeropuerto, una prometedora actriz rememora una noche con su antiguo compañero de reparto en el hotel Sunset Tower de Hollywood tras una entrega de premios.

Kelsey Asbille (Yellowstone, Wind River y, según un reciente anuncio, protagonista de la cuarta temporada de Fargo) y Hero Fiennes-Tiffin (After, Harry Potter, The Silencing y miembro del célebre clan de actores de los Fiennes) comparten pantalla en un onírico cortometraje de Oliver Peoples en el que se presenta una selección de gafas de su colección de primavera 2020 y donde también se demuestra el talento de estos jóvenes actores. La sensibilidad de Blair Getz Mezibov, director y fotógrafo de moda neoyorquino, está en sintonía con la historia, cuya narrativa queda perfectamente enmarcada por el característico estilo esotérico del creador. La película comienza con una cita de Walt Whitman narrada por una voz en off: «We were together, I forget the rest» (Estábamos juntos. Olvidé el resto). La historia se desarrolla a base de flashbacks del personaje de Asbille que, desde el asiento trasero de un coche, rememora los eventos de una noche en el icónico hotel Sunset Tower de Los Ángeles. Los personajes interpretados por Fiennes-Tiffin y Asbille, no muy diferentes de los propios actores, reconectan gracias a un guion escrito por el primero con ella en mente. Estos eventos suceden un año después de haberse conocido en el plató de una película independiente en la que la actriz ofreció una interpretación que dio mucho que hablar. Para el cortometraje, en una actuación contemplativa y llena de matices, la artista se pone en la piel de una meticulosa y prometedora actriz, que se enfrenta a sus sentimientos acerca del reencuentro con un antiguo compañero de reparto por quien sentía un gran afecto. Fiennes-Tiffin, magnético en el papel de un joven misterioso que ha vivido más de lo que le corresponde, ofrece, en un breve espacio de tiempo, momentos de alegría y de doloroso anhelo. Con escasos diálogos, la película se apoya con fuerza en el lenguaje corporal de los dos jóvenes actores para comunicar, no solo que ya se conocían, sino que tienen una historia a sus espaldas. Sus miradas, las expresiones faciales, los movimientos de sus manos y su lenguaje corporal hablan alto y claro para contar al espectador la historia de una relación pospuesta y una conexión que se solidifica ante nuestros ojos. Es una reflexión sobre verdades no dichas, momentos robados, fines de semana perdidos y expectativas independientes que se unifican. La belleza atemporal como temática subyacente impregna cada fotograma mediante referencias a momentos del cine clásico protagonizados por estrellas a cuyo magnetismo es imposible sustraerse. Estas referencias aluden al mantra de Oliver Peoples «Por encima de las modas, siempre con estilo», recordándonos que en la vida, como en el cine, la longevidad es el sello del auténtico éxito y la simplicidad, la sofisticación definitiva.


Palm trees and billboards always seem to be on the horizon in Los Angeles. Silhouetted against the hazy orange sky,they resemble set decorations in front of a painted backdrop from some old Hollywood film.



We were together. I forget the rest.


A YOUNG WOMAN in her late 20s stands alongside a YOUNG MAN in his early 20s on a terrace facing away from us towards the cityscape. Her hair is silky, long and dark, clearly well cared for. She sports a pair of glasses with dark clip-on lenses and we see her distinctive and beautiful features in profile when she turns to look at the young man. His gaze remains unbroken, all we see is the silhouette of his neatly cropped hair and the back of his button-down shirt that looks to have been ironed in a hurry earlier on.


We hear the pointed sound of heels walking on pavement and then a heavy car door opening and shutting.



The YOUNG WOMAN from the balcony settles into the backseat of the town car. She’s holding a script to her chest with her left arm and fidgeting with her right. When the driver speaks in his thick Eastern European accent,she doesn’t seem to hear him.



Ms. Asbille, we are headed to the airport.

milan boutique from outside

KELSEY ASBILLE, 27, lowers the window to let some fresh air into the car and to feel the warmth of the California sun on her face just a little bit more before flying back to London. She watches trees and street signs once familiar to her rush by, the sun providing some comfort and sending her thoughts back to the night before.



KELSEY is now wearing a beautiful shoulderless dress and her hair put up, revealing a pair of diamond earrings. She stands in front of the YOUNG MAN adjusting his black bowtie. We now see that he’s quite handsome, clean-shaven with soft features and dark eyes behind thick black glasses. He wouldn’t be out of place alongside a young Michael Caine or Ian McShane in a British gangster film.


Kelsey stares out the window, her cheek resting comfortably on her right hand. She closes her eyes for a moment and allows her head to fall away from the window returning once more to her thoughts about the improbable events of the night before.


Looking rather dashing in his tux, the YOUNG MAN takes a martini in hand, a gold chain link bracelet hangs loosely around his wrist. He takes a cautious sip, testing the quality of the drink. Satisfied he takes a larger sip and leans forward, returning the glass to the table.
Absent the glass to occupy them he wrings his hands. Kelsey leans in and we can just make out her words over the lounge music and the din of conversation in the room.
She takes one of his hands in hers, he pulls away at first, but she holds on and he softens, relaxing into the moment.


Kelsey sits upright now, a hand to her chin she’s lost in thought. She shakes her head and slides her hand up to her temple as if to relieve the uneasiness of her unspoken feelings. Her memory whirrs with images of when they had first met on set the year prior and the tension that had quickly risen between them.

“We were together, I forget the rest.”

— Walt Whitman


We see the Young Man clapping wholeheartedly from his seat at the awards show.


Wearing large round sunglasses, Kelsey faces a mirror in a dimly lit corridor outside the awards show, the Young Man stands alongside her, reassuring her, bringing her closer as for the first time we see her unsure of herself. Understandably,she’d been nervous before the show, but she’d put up a strong front and following her lead,he’d been able to do the same.


Kelsey brings her legs up onto the seat to better hold the script in place. She re-reads her favorite page again before hugging the script to her body and glancing out the window once more.


Kelsey glides through the entryway to the pool deck almost as though she’s on autopilot, the Young Man in tow. His bowtie now undone, he tousles his tightly styled hair and a relaxed smile breaks across his face.
Behind his classic round sunglasses, his eyes are beaming and as they step out into the sunshine,Kelsey comes to life, both of them grinning at the wonderful absurdity of the evening.


Kelsey is curled up against the door, her feet resting on the back of the passenger seat in front of her. With the script resting against her chest, she lets go of it with one hand and shakes her head, the beginnings of a laugh stifled by disbelief.


With the last bit of warmth from the summer sun blanketing the terrace, Kelsey leads the Young Man to some chairs by the edge of the pool. She pops her heels off and sets them aside. He’s standing dangerously close to the edge of the water and in a moment of pure playfulness, she pushes him backwards into the pool. He doesn’t fight it, almost as if he knew it was coming. Instead, he kicks one leg up straight, unfurls his arms to the side and creates a great big SPLASH. She squeals with delight as she jumps in after him, he ducks underwater to avoid the splash as she hits the water.


Kelsey holds the script with one arm, brushing her other hand over her lips as she shakes her head and stifles the laugh no more.


Her long purple dress weighs her down, but he holds her up and they swirl around in the shimmering water, all smiles and enamored with one another.


Kelsey wears an elegant golden silk pajama set, some of her long black hair hangs loosely over the front. She picks up a pair of large black sunglasses that could have come off the set of Breakfast At Tiffany’s and slides them on before turning to head outside onto the terrace.


In the reflection of the terrace doorway, we see Kelsey seated at a table across from the YOUNG MAN. He picks up the deck of cards they used to play games with while waiting around between takes and shuffles them nervously as she takes his first script. He wonders if Kelsey will notice that the main character is based off of her. He continues to shuffle the cards in anticipation.

milan boutique from outside


Now wearing a light sweater and linen shorts, Kelsey takes the script and strides towards the door of the hotel room. The Young Man will have to wait for her to call when she finishes reading, and this time, he’s sure she’ll call.


Staring down at the pages through her round metal-rimmed sunglasses with dark amber lenses, Kelsey continues to read the script.



How was your trip?

Kelsey looks up from the script, takes a moment.


Oh, it was...really wonderful.

Nodding as if to confirm to herself that the trip was, in fact, wonderful, Kelsey looks back down and continues reading.

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Never a trend, always in style

Texto: Andrew Maness

Fotos & Video: Blair Getz Mezibov

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