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In Bloom

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Oliver Peoples Summer 2023 Campaign

With California’s superbloom as the backdrop – juxtaposed with tailored wardrobe and icons reimagined in stunning combination – the Oliver Peoples’ Summer 2023 campaign is a scene of captivating color saturation.

A look at the 1960’s inspired design details of Merceaux.

With this season’s record rainfall, California has been given a superbloom. This rare phenomenon occurs in a rainy season where an unusually high proportion of wildflower seeds blossom. With this natural wonder, a warm, southern California climate is all of a sudden a painted beauty.

Desmon Sun, offered in the limited-edition colorway, Translucent Dark Teal + Cognac, pairs with Parcell.

O’Malley Sun, as seen in Tuscany Tortoise + Indigo Photochromic.

Color saturation was the guiding force behind the campaign. The visual scene plays with bold, dynamic hues and wardrobe blended with the stunning floral landscape – all amidst new color additions of best-selling styles.

“They who came to California were not the self-satisfied, happy and content people, but the adventurous, the restless, and the daring.”

- Joan Didion

An icon of an aviator, Benedict, featured in Rose Gold with G-15 Gradient.

A modern take on Oliver Sun, in Crystal + Yellow.

The effortlessly, fashionable shapes of Davri and Emet.

Floral tranquility in Davri Black + Magenta Photochromic.
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Floral tranquility in Davri Black + Magenta Photochromic.

Gregory Peck Sun, Desmon Sun, and Oliver Sun – take on new life in the summer collection. Offered in translucent hues alongside deep colors or dark acetates with warm toned lenses, it’s the perfect pairing with a natural season in bloom.
The contrast between the bold colors of the collection and the natural beauty of the landscape create a striking visual effect that captured the essence of a superbloom.

A softer moment in Rorke Olive Bark + G-15.
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A softer moment in Rorke Olive Bark + G-15.

A 1987 original design, M-40, is now refreshed in new colorways + multiple sizes.

The everyday sophistication of O’Malley in Champagne Quartz Gradient.

A made in Japan titanium frame, 1960s inspired shape, and timeless icon, take the forefront.

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“When California was wild, it was the floweriest part of the continent.”

- John Muir

The vintage design of M-4 juxtaposes against the feminine aesthetic of Eadie.

Bold shape, subtle colorway. Kasdan shown in Champagne Quartz.

Made in Japan, Dresner features a distinct, double bridge detail.

An icon in every color. Gregory Peck seen in the new Black + Pink Photochromic.

Oliver Sun completes the look in Translucent Dark Teal + Cognac.

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