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Female leads, Madison Headrick and Arlenis Sosa, are seen alongside the ever-classic Ollie Edwards and rising actor, Ryan Porter.

Oliver Peoples & Brunello Cucinelli present the Autumn 2021 Campaign.

From the historic Italian hilltop hamlet of Solomeo to sun-soaked Southern California, Oliver Peoples and refined fashion house Brunello Cucinelli have collaborated on an exclusive eyewear collection. Infused with architectural influences from Solomeo, and references to the glamour of classic Italian cinema, the five-style collaboration marries their pioneering heritage and embodies the craftsmanship standards of both brands. It’s also the first eyewear endeavor for Brunello Cucinelli and notably, the first ever collaboration for the brand.

Ollie wears Nino Horn as seen in Light Brown with Tan Gradient.

Filu' is featured in DM2 with True Brown Polar lenses alongside Artemio in Silver with Taupe Flash Mirror.



Founded in 1978, the eponymous Brunello Cucinelli brand enamored fashion-forward consumers with the release of dyed cashmere, a departure from the natural colors that dominated the category and a move that imparted contemporary vibrance into the premium material.
With their own arrival, Oliver Peoples defied the trends of the eyewear industry as they introduced vintage-inspired colors and shapes that stood out against the geometries of the day. Both brands looked to the spirit of their hometowns—and the cultural movements within—to guide their paths.

Oliver Sun is featured in Olive Smoke, and Disoriano in Silver Black Horn with Midnight Express Polar lenses.

For the launch of the Oliver Peoples Brunello Cucinelli collaboration, the two iconic brands come together to celebrate the Autumn 2021 collection.
The partnership is presented through a campaign inspired by cinematic elements of Italian tradition combined with the charm of California.

Artemio is shown in Silver Taupe Tortoise Black Horn.

With its Blue Light Lens technology, Artemio is equally innovative functionally as aesthetically.

The campaign highlights a shared value of both brands – modern design marked by a legacy of excellent craftsmanship. With this, the storyline is dedicated to a moment of the present that reflects the past. We witness the telling of a friendship that intertwines memories between California and Italy.
The beauty of these places and the nostalgia for these moments are felt, and in turn, inspire us to seek similar moments of warmth and life in our present. Aligning with the collection, the campaign suggests that sometimes the memory of the past can allow us to progress and define the future.

Nino is featured in Dark Amber Smoke with True Brown Polar lenses and Artemio is shown in Silver with Taupe Flash Mirror.

Artemio is featured in Matte Black with a Light Brown Gradient dedicated clip.

An Oliver Peoples classic, Oliver Sun, is enhanced in Olive Smoke with G-15 lenses.



The cast includes, Arlenis Sosa and Madison Headrick, who often grace the covers of international fashion magazines from Vogue to Harper's Bazaar, alongside the ever timeless, Ollie Edwards, and rising actor, Ryan Porter.
The story is captured through the lens of well-known photographer, Dennis Leupold, against the backdrop of an Italian-inspired vineyard and villa in Malibu. The imagery and overall storytelling of the campaign leans into a heritage sentiment that feels modernly impactful.

Artemio shown in Silver Taupe Flash Mirror is seen alongside the exclusive edition of Oliver Sun.

Artemio is seen in Silver Taupe Tortoise Black Horn.

With a look of elevated, yet relaxed luxury, whether it be a chambray shirt with a blazer, wide-leg suede trousers, or innovative suiting, the outfitting of Brunello Cucinelli aligns naturally with the bold acetate styles and refined metal eyewear to match.

WORDS: David Graver
PHOTOS: Dennis Leupold
VIDEO: Columbine Goldsmith

Oliver Peoples & Brunello Cucinelli Collaborate on an Exclusive Collection.

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