Catching the Endless Sun in Ibiza

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An eyewear story by Dsection Creative Studio

Martineaux stands out in custom YTB acetate with Green C lenses.

Nilos in Honey VSB Green Wash basks in the Ibiza sun.
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Nilos in Honey VSB Green Wash basks in the Ibiza sun.

Sheldrake Sun in Buff Green C pairs with Gregory Peck 1962 foldable in Amaretto Striped Honey.

“We arrived in Ibiza on a beautiful stormy day. the sun coming through the clouds, shy but strong. And road by road, hill by hill we went on a journey to catch the endless sun.“

Clifton in Silver with Amber Brown Polar feels effortlessly timeless.

Zarene, shown in Cocobolo with Brown Polar lenses, feels modern with vintage influence.

“Touring the island in search of sunsets, deserted beaches, feeling the breeze cooling throughout the day, announcing the arrival of autumn. Filtering the sun through the lenses of our sunglasses, revealing the real beauty of Ibiza: its turquoise waters, its wild nature, its white sands, the island's lifestyle.“

A titanium style, Weslie Sun, features a distinct high bridge detail and beautifully crafted filigree detail. An ever classic, Cary Grant Sun, is seen in Dusty Olive Rosewood.

“Es Vedrá attracting us like a magnet, the magic rock of Ibiza. Powerful, from gold to purple, from orange to pink, the palette of colours that paints Es Vedrá on the sunset. A home for sirens and sea nymphs from the mythology as described on the ancient greek epic poem Odyssey by Homer.“

A look for everyday, Desmon, is shown in a custom Canarywood Gradient acetate.

The classically cool Casian is shown in Workman Grey with Dark Grey Gradient Mirror. Patio views of the Mediterranean are accompanied by Es Vedrà island and glimpse of the Balearic Sea.

Styles featured: