2018 Campaign : In Conversation

Video Series

The most powerful creative spirits leave an indelible mark, but what is it that inspires them? It’s not a single defining moment that incites their practice, but the worlds they build for themselves instead – their earnestly curated environments, the people with whom they interact and the pace at which they live. It’s a delicate blend of routine and spontaneity that leads to distinction.

As an extension of our 2018 campaign, “In Conversation” directed by Ivan Olita, we offer an intimate glimpse into the days of five creatives. Every encounter, from the breathtaking and in-the-moment to the quiet and contemplative, is a conversation – a give and take in which the subject shapes and is shaped by the world around them. Over time, these moments (in)form an inimitable aesthetic motif, a way of seeing that continues to evolve and adapt over time.

Just as these creatives are wholly committed to their crafts, so too has Oliver Peoples been committed to setting the standard of luxury eyewear for over three decades. It is through rare dedication that we are able to create something truly extraordinary.

Tasya van Reeis best known for capturing the characters that inspire her through her camera’s lens, yet some of her most significant creative moments are solitary and introspective. The enigmatic artist invites us into her serene Los Angeles home to observe those private moments – both in the darkroom and overlooking magnificent Malibu Canyon, which ignite van Ree’s poetic creative spirit.

For interior designers Hugo Sauzay and Charlotte de Tonnac, the line between work and life is intentionally blurred. The effortlessly chic French couple and founders of their design firm FESTEN Architecture often brainstorm over breakfast and seek inspiration during leisurely strolls through Paris. As Sauzay succinctly describes their approach to their practice: “We live it, and we live it together.”

Lawrence Van Hagen's art education may have begun at birth, but what’s made him a rising star in the competitive art world is an unwavering passion. After the success of his breakthrough art exhibition series, What’s Up, which highlights artists past and present; He is still continuously looking forward, meeting new artists and collectors, and making new discoveries. Van Hagen provides this glimpse into his daily life amidst the New York art world.

Millions of people look to Jordan Watson'sdigital galleries for a hand held connection to the art world. Jordan’s original account @love.watts highlights both seasoned and new artists, promoting their work to his followers. Watson describes his seeking inspiration as “conversation with your surroundings”. While in Miami, Jordan seeks inspiration in local art galleries and visits the Oliver Peoples design district boutique where he tries on frames from his capsule collection.

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