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Meet Oliver

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Oliver Peoples is pleased to announce their Spring 2019 campaign, “Who is Oliver?”

The campaign reveals a new icon, the Oliver, the first name sake frame of the brand. “Who is Oliver?” takes a simple yet impactful approach to the question we’ve all wondered, Who is Oliver? Through a series of black & white portraits captured by photographer Brian Ingram, the campaign leaves us with the profound answer that Oliver is all of us.

Who is Oliver?

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Every scene in your life benefits from the perfect frame. As the reel spins, you can picture that special moment, better yet that special frame. Whether it’s watching the sunset over the California coast line or focusing on the eyes of another, a frame is your partner, an intimate form of self-expression. This partner has had a name for more than thirty years, and today its iconic attributes embody one form, Oliver. As an actor that can master any role, it connects to the wearer, the watcher, and all that surrounds them. Along the way, it enables dream sequences of old world glamour and timelessness. It grants everyone a starring role in their own story.

Young girl with eyeglasses
Bearded man with sunglass
Bearded man with eyeglass
Old woman with eyeglasses
Young man with sunglass
Young man with eyeglass
man with beard and sunglass




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